Network throughput: Never get more than 112MB/s über two NICs

Denny Schierz linuxmail at
Mon Apr 11 10:00:59 UTC 2011


after testing severals loadbalancing (LACP) types with Cisco, we saw,
that we never get more than 112MB/s with two network cards and iperf. 

So, we tested without loadbalancing, 4 Clients (iperf -f M -c <ip>) and
two target IPs. Every IP has his own 1Gb/s network card.
On the end, two clients had a connection to IP 1 and the second two to
IP 2.

First we used the two onboard NICs and then, one onboard and one
external NIC, but without success. We never get more then 112MB/s

All are connected through a Cisco Catalyst WS-X4515.

The mainboard is a Intel S3420GP.

any suggestion?

cu denny

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