Degraded zpool cannot detach old/bad drive

Rumen Telbizov telbizov at
Fri Oct 29 05:51:20 UTC 2010

Hi Artem, everyone,

Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately I already did try this
Applying -d /dev/gpt only limits the pool to the bare three remaining disks
which turns
pool completely unusable (no mfid devices). Maybe those labels are removed
they are being tried to be imported/accessed?

What I don't understand is what exactly makes those gpt labels disappear
when the pool
is imported and otherwise are just fine?!
Something to do with OpenSolaris ? On top of it all gpart show -l keeps
showing all
the labels right even while the pool is imported.

Any other clues would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Rumen Telbizov

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 9:46 PM, Artem Belevich <fbsdlist at> wrote:

> > but only those 3 devices in /dev/gpt and absolutely nothing in
> /dev/gptid/
> > So is there a way to bring all the gpt labeled partitions back into the
> pool
> > instead of using the mfidXX devices?
> Try re-importing the pool with "zpool import -d /dev/gpt". This will
> tell ZFS to use only devices found within that path and your pool
> should be using gpt labels again.
> --Artem

Rumen Telbizov

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