Can't build boot blocks after new GPT attributes added

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Oct 27 13:28:02 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, October 27, 2010 3:44:02 am Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> The below commit has broken the ability to build system boot blocks
> (including pxeldr) the "historic way"[1]:
> The breakage on RELENG_8 (dated as of a few minutes ago):
> ========================================
> # rm -fr /usr/obj/*
> # cd /sys/boot
> # make clean

This only works if your source tree is in sync with your installed world.  
Adding a hack to the Makefile is wrong.  The buildenv approach pjd@ suggested 
will work for the case that your source tree does not match your installed 

Maybe you could add text to the handbook to say this, but it is already 
implicitly assumed in the handbook section you are referring to since it 
assumes you can safely compile a new kernel, etc.  The handbook section is 
meant as more of a tutorial on how to enable a serial console on a fresh box.  
Once you are experienced enough to start using buildworld, etc. I don't think 
it is unreasonable to require users to understand that having a source tree 
different from the installed world requires extra steps.  If we were to 
document those every time it would clutter documentation making it harder for 
someone who is new to FreeBSD to simply setup a serial console on a box that 
they just installed.

John Baldwin

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