No disks found on FreeBSD 8.1-STABLE on Sun X4500

Sean Caron scaron at
Wed Oct 13 14:25:32 UTC 2010

Hi Florian,

I gave that a try and it worked perfectly; the system comes right up and 
sees all my Marvell controllers and disks. I remember reading about the 
Highpoint driver issue of grabbing onto some non-Highpoint Marvell based 
controllers but for some reason thought it was fixed in the STABLE images 
that I was using (guess not!). Now off to play with ZFS...

Thanks so much!


On Tue, 12 Oct 2010, Florian Smeets wrote:

> On 8.1 try
> set hw.hptrr.attach_generic=0
> load mvs
> boot
> After I set hw.hptrr.attach_generic to 0 mvs found all my disk. Without
> it I had the same problem you describe.
> HTH,
> Florian

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