Panic: attempted pmap_enter on 2MB page

Alan Cox alc at
Wed Oct 6 17:46:44 UTC 2010

Dave Hayes wrote:
> Alan Cox <alc at> writes:
>> Is this problem reproducible?  I don't recall if you mentioned that
>> earlier.
> Sort of. 
> It seems that everytime I generate a bootable FreeBSD ISO, a die is
> rolled.  If it comes up a certain number then it crashes, otherwise it's
> fine. ;)
> My ISO generation process might be relevant; I create a 600MB ramdisk
> (it used to be 512 on FreeBSD 7.3) which loads from the ISO on
> boot. This winds up being the root partition. 
> As a datapoint the same die roll happens on FreeBSD 7.3 although the
> chance of working seems to be greater. 
> If you'd like a copy of the ISO to see this for yourself I can make it
> available. I'm guessing it will also crash for you in this way modulo
> hardware issues. 

When you build your kernel for this ISO are you increasing the value of 


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