MySQL performance concern

Steven Williamson steven43126 at
Sun Oct 3 13:51:27 UTC 2010

The tunings between your Linux and FreeBSD instances differ severely,
> and some of the variables don't even exist any longer (example:
> table_cache is now known as table_open_cache as of MySQL 5.1.3, and
> probably key_buffer vs. key_buffer_size too).
> Can you please rule out MySQL tunings being responsible for the problem?

Quick and dirty performance comparison ruling out MySQL tuning, install
sysbench. This will give you a quick overview of how the OS / Hardware is
performing. For a decent comparison there are too many variables here, the
hardware is vastly different. Would be nice to see the same Linux install on
the new hardware and the benchmarks for that if you have time.

Performance tuning can be a very time consuming business, an almost unending
task. Best method is not to see if  system x is faster than system y. But to
state exactly what performance you require. If you only need 600 inserts per
min for now and the next year, tune to that and your good to go. Otherwise
you can end up spending days to get that extra 2 or 3 inserts per min which
you really didn't need :)

Steven Williamson

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