pkg_version output does not match manual page

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Fri Oct 1 07:50:35 UTC 2010

> pkg_version -IoL=
graphics/dri                        >
java/eclipse-eclemma                !
graphics/libGL                      >
graphics/libGLU                     >
graphics/libdrm                     >
graphics/libglut                    >
graphics/mesa-demos                 >
games/openarena                     >
games/openarena-data                !
games/openarena-oax                 !

The ports java/eclipse-eclemma, games/openarena-data and
games/openarena-oax are all ports of mine that await commit
(ports/144849 from March and ports/146818 from May).

The pkg_version(1) manual page states:
     !       The installed package exists in the index but for some reason,
             pkg_version was unable to compare the version number of the
             installed package with the corresponding entry in the index.

Well, these installed packages definitely do not exist in the
INDEX. I would expect ? instead:
     ?       The installed package does not appear in the index.  This could
             be due to an out of date index or a package taken from a PR that
             has not yet been committed.

Does anyone else have this problem?


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