Can't boot after make installworld

Dan Naumov dan.naumov at
Mon Mar 22 21:55:19 UTC 2010

> I've read that FreeBSD kernel supports 3D acceleration in ATI R7xx
> chipset and as I own motherboard with HD3300 built-in I thought that I
> would give it a try. I upgraded to see if there is any progress with
> ¿zfs? I don't really know if it's zfs related, but at certain load, my
> system crashes, and reboots. It happens only when using bonnie++ to
> benchmark I/O. And I'm a little bit to lazy to prepare my system for
> coredumps - I don't have swap slice for crashdumps, because I wanted
> to simplify adding drives to my raidz1 configuration. Could anyone
> tell me what's needed, besides having swap to produce good crashdump?

As of right now, even if you don't care about capability to take crash
dumps, it is highly recommended to still use traditional swap
partitions even if your system is otherwise fully ZFS. There are know
stability problems involving using a ZVOL as a swap device. These
issues are being worked on, but this is still the situation as of now.

> At first I didn't knew that I am upgrading to bleeding edge/developer
> branch of FreeBSD.  I'll come straight out with it,  8.0-STABLE sounds
> more stable than 8.0-RELEASE-p2, which I was running before upgrade ;)
> I'm a little confused with FreeBSD release cycle at first I compared
> it with Debian release cycle,  because I'm most familiar to it, and I
> used it a lot before using FreeBSD. Debian development is more
> one-dimensional - unstable/testing/stable/oldstable whereas FreeBSD
> has two stable branches - 8.0 and 7.2 which are actively developed.
> But still I am confused with FreeBSD naming and it's relation with
> tags which are used in standard-supfile. We have something like this:
> 9.0-CURRENT -> tag=.
> 8.0-STABLE -> tag=RELENG_8
> 8.0-RELEASE-p2 ->  tag=RELENG_8_0 ? (btw what does p2 mean?)
> If someone patient could explain it to me I'd be grateful.

9-CURRENT: the real crazyland
8-STABLE: a dev branch, from which 8.0 was tagged and eventually 8.1 will be
RELENG_8_0: 8.0-RELEASE + latest critical security and reliability
updates (8.0 is up to patchset #2, hence -p2)

Same line of thinking applies to 7-STABLE, 7.3-RELEASE and so on.

- Sincerely,
Dan Naumov

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