Can't boot after make installworld

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Mon Mar 22 14:01:46 UTC 2010

On Mon, 22 Mar 2010 07:13, Dan Naumov wrote:
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> The ZFS bootloader has been changed in 8-STABLE compared to
> 8.0-RELEASE. Reinstall your boot blocks.
> P.S: "LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT=YES" is also deprecated in 8-STABLE, not to
> mention that you have it in the wrong place, for 8.0, it goes into
> make.conf, not src.conf.

P.S.S: src.conf is the correct place this should be placed but will also 
work if placed in make.conf.

As stated in src.conf(5)
The src.conf file contains settings that will apply to every build 
involving the FreeBSD source tree; see build(7).

The src.conf file uses the standard makefile syntax.  However, src.conf 
should not specify any dependencies to make(1).  Instead, src.conf is to 
set make(1) variables that control the aspects of how the system builds.

It would be almost to the same effect of doing this at the end of your 
make.conf except it has already been done for you elsewhere.

.if ${.CURDIR:M/usr/src*}
.include "/etc/src.conf"

> Is there any particular reason you are upgrading from a production
> release to a development branch of the OS?
> - Sincerely,
> Dan Naumov




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