Strange problem: if_xe only works in GENERIC kernel

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sat Mar 20 14:11:04 UTC 2010

In message: <20100320134517.GO52442 at>
            Joerg Wunsch <j at> writes:
: As M. Warner Losh wrote:
: > : I guess vgapci0 doesn't really use interrupts, so this leaves cbb0/1
: > : and uhci0 sharing an interrupt.  Apparently, the interrupt storm at
: > : cbb gets detected correctly as long as at least another device
: > : installs an interrupt handler on irq 11.
: > Does this happen on a cold boot or a warm boot?
: That doesn't matter.

Bummer.  I'll have to look at the original data a little more
closely.  I'd like to know what causes this, if possible.


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