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> Subject: Jails & 8.0
> Sorry for the cross-post, but this is a 'thank-you', not a request for help.
> I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of those who made
> FreeBSD jails a viable virtual server solution for us who required
> multiple IPs, particularly those who demand/require IPv6 support:
> Not only that, FreeBSD 8 is just absolutely fantastic. Although I've
> only been using FreeBSD since 4.3, I never could have dreamt that the OS
> would ever have a release that is so close to its core values, but at
> the same time so feature rich and stable, particularly for those who
> like to use the OS as a network (L2/L3) platform in many cases.
> My hats off. Thanks all! What a tremendous job.

I couldn't agree more: FreeBSD today is really able to bring a tremendous value to a lot of enterprise-grade environments. Coming from a deep Microsoft experience as multi-certified MSFT specialist, I have been playing with FreeBSD since the 6.0-RELEASE, and I must say that FreeBSD is perhaps the best OS when you need to effectively consolidate workloads and administration efforts.
The Jail system is simply amazing, and I'm really excited to see how the VIMAGE feature, when it will be released as "producion-ready", will increase even more this value.

To meet the always evolving business requirements today, IT pros need a simplified architecture to keep TCP as low as possible, while sustaining more and more workloads. Tools such ezjail, which allow to maintain a lot of jails as they were almost only one, make businesses to obtain a true "consolidation", whom other proprietary and open-sourced OSes are far away to reach.

So... thank you very much, to anyone who contributed and still works to make this great project to evolve!  I guess to to help you a bit by advocating FreeBSD as much as I can among customers, partners and institutions in my country.  But a big work still remains to be done: to bring to BSD technologies the visibility they deserve among IT managers and professionals working in business environments.  I'll do my best to make this happen in my country, I hope, also with the support of the FreeBSD Foundation and the BSD Certification Group, whom I'm in the process to make a few proposals to.



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