FreeBSD eats 169.254.x.x addressed packets

jhell jhell at
Wed Jun 9 13:55:27 UTC 2010

On 06/09/2010 08:28, Reko Turja wrote:
>> One final comment - I still don't understand why FreeBSD "won't"
>> respond to pings
>> when it has an address like I can ssh to the unit but it
>> won't
>> respond to pings. I tried setting up a linux box with an address like
>> and it "would" respond to pings.
> Linux is not really any measuring stick in standard compliance...

I do not believe that is what he was implying by comparing this to
Linux.  I think he might be using Linux as a example of "They have not
limited their users to only changing source code" to get the objective
completed. They should have.

In this case and reviewing the previous messages + remembering these:

FreeBSD takes the correct action for this scenario which could proudly
be used as an exemplary piece of code that other forms of OS's should
use as a reference for integrity.




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