PCI AP card recommendations

Lev Serebryakov lev at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jul 28 06:41:50 UTC 2010

Hello, John.
You wrote 27 июля 2010 г., 20:06:35:

> I've been using a D-Link DWL-G520 PCI card in my FreeBSD access
> point since at least 6.x. It sports an Atheros 5212 chip and uses
> the ath driver. The card supports 802.11b/g as well as the "Turbo" 108Mbps mode.
 +1 for DWL-G520. Usually, D-Link equipment is crap, but this one card
is  good.  But,  please,  don't  mix up it with DWL-G520+ (note the plus
sign), which is based on TI chipset, and doesn't work good.

  When  my home router was full-PCI capable I've used DWL-G520 without
any problesm for many years.

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <lev at FreeBSD.org>

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