Unable to install 8.x on a PowerEdge R810

Mahlon E. Smith mahlon at martini.nu
Thu Jul 22 21:38:36 UTC 2010

Picked up a couple of these powerhouse machines to be VirtualBox hosts.
24 core, 96G of RAM.  Trying to put (amd64) both 8.0-RELEASE and 8.1-RC2
on it with no luck whatsoever so far. Any help provided would be greatly
appreciated, I'm chomping at the bit pretty hard to put this hardware to
use, and was fairly surprised that FreeBSD didn't work on it through the

I've grabbed some screenshots from the DRAC, and dumped them here:


(sorry, I realize that's not -incredibly- helpful and partially
truncated.  I'm currently limited to what I can screenshot, though I
suppose I could boot via console and log it all... come to think of it,
I'll go give that a try to get more comprehensive output.)

If I disable all the CPU options in the BIOS, I can get it to boot, but
it hangs after mounting md0 (I never see the sysinstall screen.)  Same
deal if I try booting in safe mode or without ACPI.

Otherwise, it spews errors for about 30 seconds so quickly I can't read
them, then panics with a page fault in swapper.

I'm sure we'd like to get BSD installing reliably on such a beast, and
I'm more than happy to play the guinea pig if someone would be willing
to provide some direction with some things to try.  Help!  These are
expensive paperweights!  :)

Mahlon E. Smith  
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