Problems replacing failing drive in ZFS pool

Pawel Tyll ptyll at
Tue Jul 20 10:04:22 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

> I second what others have said - crap.
> But there could be some hope, not sure.
> Can you check what is the actual size used by the pool on the disk?
> It should be somewhere in zdb -C output ("asize"?).
> If I remember correctly, that actual size should be a multiple of some rather
> large power of two, so it could be that it is smaller than 'User Capacity' of both
> old and new drives.
Well, I see some possibilities for creative solution here, using some
ssd (or usb stick or mdconfig as act of desperation) and gconcat, but
it's asking for trouble and should probably be considered a temporary

What I personally would do is get a 2TB drive and use it instead, with
gpt and -l for label, and replace it as gpt/something. Using 100 or so
MB less than whole disk is also a good idea, as you can see ;)

Cheers and good luck.

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