8.x grudges

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Wed Jul 7 22:40:32 UTC 2010

For what its worth, we have had good success migrating our kernel configs
from 6 -> 7 -> 8 with very few changes, and no real problems.

The secret is to create a kernel that is based of GENERIC using include
in a "clean" the include that config in top level one which adds the specific
additional options you want.

It doesn't remove the requirement to check for changes between the versions
and act appropriately but it does make this process as simple as diffing
the two GENERIC configs and updating our clean and addition configs with
the few changes needed.

This structure also means kernels compile really quickly :)



ident       MULTIPLAY

makeoptions MODULES_OVERRIDE="linux linprocfs acpi nullfs unionfs accf_http if_lagg"
options     PRINTF_BUFR_SIZE=128 # Fix scrambled output on console
options     COMPAT_LINUX32
options     DEVICE_POLLING

include GENERIC

nooptions   INET6
nooptions   SCTP
nooptions   NFS_ROOT
nooptions   NTFS
nooptions   MSDOSFS

# SCSI Controllers
nodevice    ahc

Hope this helps.


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