8.0-RELEASE -> -STABLE and size of /

Marian Hettwer mh at kernel32.de
Fri Jan 22 16:27:54 UTC 2010

Hi All,

On Fri, 22 Jan 2010 17:21:56 +0100, Oliver Brandmueller <ob at e-Gitt.NET>
> Hi,
> I just noticed somthing: I setup an 8.0-RELEASE amd64 box, / is default
> 512M. First step after setup was to csup to RELENG_8 and buildkernel and
> buildworld (no custom kernel, no make.conf).
> Instaling the new kernel failed, since /boot/kernel/ is already well
> over 230 MBytes in size. moving that to kernel.old and writing a new one
> with about the same size fails due to no space left on device.
> This is not a question; I do know how to get around this and how to
> configure custom kernels so they are a fragment of that size afterwards.
> However, I think this is a clear POLA violation. So, either GENERIC with
> less debugging information (symbols and stuff), which makes debugging
> harder or setting a higher default for / would be options, if not anyone
> else has better ideas.
+1 vote for making / bigger. 
At least a size where a make installkernel runs through. 

I like FreeBSD because it honors POLA.
And as Oliver stated, this is a clear POLA violation.


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