sendmail replacement

S.N.Grigoriev serguey-grigoriev at
Wed Jan 13 13:59:22 UTC 2010

13.01.10, 14:29, "Miroslav Lachman" <000.fbsd at>:

> S.N.Grigoriev wrote:
>  [...]
>  > I thank you for your response. All you wrote is quite right.
>  > But it is a general rule not to use in the system two sets
>  > of slightly different programs with duplicating names. It is
>  > a direct way to have problems.
>  >
>  > For example, all third party scripts should be revised to check
>  > absolute pathes, program search results becomes depending
>  > of the PATH value, and so on.
>  >
>  > It is relatively easy to do such revisions on a small home system.
>  > But a production server with significant amount of third party software
>  > will require a lot of time to do that job.
>  >
>  > To my mind it will be better to have an options in the port Makefile
>  > allowing to replace the sendmail files in place.
>  I fully understand your doubts, but if you are talking about PATH and 
>  the stuff, sendmail from PATH (/usr/sbin/sendmail) is not a real 
>  sendmail, it is symlink to wrapper using settings from 
>  /etc/mail/mailer.conf.
>  No application can be confused.
>  Miroslav Lachman


absolute paths may be used not ony to start sendmail program but,
for example, to automatically build .mc files from .m4 files in 
/usr/share/sendmail/cf directory. For port sendmail it becomes

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