em interface slow down on 8.0R

Jason Chambers jchambers at ucla.edu
Wed Jan 6 02:35:54 UTC 2010

Hiroki Sato wrote:
>  Thank you!  I have investigated some more details.  First, I got
>  something wrong with the affected FreeBSD versions; one I tried was
>  8.0-STABLE, not 8.0-RELEASE.  So I started to try 8.0R.  A summary of
>  chips and releases I tried so far is now the following:
>                                       7.2R  8.0R  8.0-STABLE
>  82540EM (chip=0x100e8086, rev=0x02)  OK    OK    too slow[1]
>  82541PI (chip=0x107c8086, rev=0x05)  OK    ?     OK

Running 8.0R I've noticed the same problem with this card (0x107c8086).
       Duplex and speed are manually set at full/1000.

em0 at pci0:3:3:0:	class=0x020000 card=0x13768086 chip=0x107c8086 rev=0x05
    vendor     = 'Intel Corporation'
    device     = 'Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper) rev 5 (82541PI)'
    class      = network
    subclass   = ethernet



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