ahcich timeouts, only with ahci, not with ataahci

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at omnilan.de
Tue Feb 23 17:11:51 UTC 2010

Alexander Motin schrieb am 23.02.2010 17:18 (localtime):
>> I guess if it's a HDD firmware issue with NCQ the hang shouldn't happen
>> when NCQ is disabled.
> Just for case of real I/O timeout, run full surface test with SMART.

Unfortunately I couldn't find new firmware from Samsung, although one 
drive shows version 1AG01113 while the other two have 1AG01118. But the 
timeout happened at different channels, so it's not one certain disk...

One understanding question: If the drive doesn't complete a command, 
regardless if it's due to a firmware bug, a disk surface error or 
whatever, is there no way for the driver to terminate the request and 
take the drive offline after some time? This would be a very important 
behaviour for me. It doesn't make sense building RAIDz storage when a 
failing drive hangs the complete machine, even if the system partitions 
are on a complete different SSD.

>> Btw, I found camcontrol cmd ada0 -a "EF 85 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
>> 00" for disabling APM and another one for disabling AAM. I did that for
>> my drives. Is there a wiki where we can place such valuable commands?
> Probably not. It is just ATA commands, taken from ATA specification, but
> definitely it is not very easy way.

Hmm, I saw some FreeBSD wikis, but I don't know if there's the _one_ 
official. I'll see if there's a possibility to leave some usefull hint's 
for such purposes.



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