NFS write corruption on 8.0-RELEASE

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Fri Feb 12 19:09:01 UTC 2010

* Oliver Fromme (olli at wrote:

> I'm sorry for the confusion ...  I do not think that it's
> the cause for your data corruption, in this particular
> case.  I just mentioned the potential problems with "soft"
> mounts because it could cause additional problems for you.
> (And it's important to know anyhow.)

Oh, then I really misunderstood. If the curruption implied is
like when you copy a file via NFS and the net goes down, and in
case of soft mount you have half of a file (read: corruption), while
with hard mount the copy process will finish when the net is back up,
that's definitely OK and expected.

> Well, this is what happens if the network hangs:
> 1.  With "hard" mounts (the default), processes that access
> NFS shares are locked for as long as the network is down.
> 2.  With "soft" mounts, binaries can coredump, and many
> programs won't notice that write access just failed which
> leads to file corruption.
> Personally I definitely prefer the first.

Yeah, but I have mostly desktop<->(NAS w/torrents) setup so I prefer
the second.

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