Hello and a small problem with 8.0-RELEASE (amd64)

Sean McCullough wotan at frii.com
Thu Feb 11 21:27:42 UTC 2010

Hello, freebsd-stable folks!

     I sincerely hope I am in the correct place to inquire about a small
 problem I am having implementing FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE on my AMD Athlon-64
 machine. This machine runs FreeBSD 7.2 (amd64 version) without the
 slightest problem; but when I attempt to load 8.0 onto the machine, I
 can't even get sysinstall to put the kernel on to boot it. Attempting to
 compile and install the 8.0 kernel from source code results in a kernel
 which locks up at boot time after emitting a message stating "attempting
 to mount volumes"; a reboot of this system results in a bootloader
 prompt and an error message stating that no bootable kernel can be found.

     Any ideas? Thank You!

Garrett Cooper of the freebsd-bugs list recommended I ask the above questions here: 

> Hi Sean,
>     Could you try the stable@ mailing list please?
> Thanks!
> -Garrett

Any ideas as to how to get the 8.0-RELEASE running on my amd64 machine
would be appreciated greatly. If I need to ask elsewhere, please
recommend accordingly.

Thank You again,
Sean McCullough

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