freebsd7 (and 8), radeon, xorg-server -> deadlock or so

Martin Kristensen mik at
Wed Feb 10 21:32:17 UTC 2010

On Wed, 10 Feb 2010 20:33:46 +0200
Andriy Gapon <avg at> wrote:

> on 10/02/2010 20:29 Vitaly Magerya said the following:
> > Robert Noland wrote:
> >>> It is not, and yes I use WITHOUT_HAL. Currently disabling DRI
> >>> helps; should I try rebuilding xorg-server with HAL?
> >> Yes, you can still disable hal at runtime by setting AutoAddDevices
> >> "Off" in xorg.conf.
> > 
> > Seems to work with HAL.
> I've long thought that xorg server should be linked with libthr
> regardless of HAL option.  Unfortunately, I never came up with patch,
> nor have anyone else. Xorg server really uses pthreads when doing DRM
> and HAL brings in libthr dependency only as an accident.

This is my first post to this list, so hello all.

I have been running with NoAccel for a long time, since disabling DRI
alone would cause a complete deadlock (screen to standby, no ssh, no
response to keyboard, etc.).

However, I rebuilt xorg-server with HAL support, and now simply
disabling DRI allows me to start X.

The card is RV790 based.

Martin Kristensen

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