samba recplacement

Nenhum_de_Nos matheus at
Sun Feb 7 02:54:32 UTC 2010

On Sun, February 7, 2010 00:43, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> Nenhum_de_Nos wrote:
>> On Sat, February 6, 2010 23:44, Eric wrote:
>>> On 2/5/2010 9:22 PM, Nenhum_de_Nos wrote:
>>>> hail,
>>>> I've installed a recent 8-stable with gnome installed. I needed samba
>>>> and
>>>> noticed I have samba4-devel installed. but I can't manage to make it a
>>>> simple file server as I need. so how to change samba package at
>>>> minimum
>>>> harm ?
>>>> do I need to reinstall all ? a simple make fetch in samba33 says I
>>>> can't
>>>> as it conflicts with samba4 and some tbd-something (not in the machine
>>>> right now).
>>>> is there easy way ?
>>>> I'd really like to choose samba version ... I've found a thread in
>>>> gnome@
>>>> about this change (from late december). not a solution though.
>>>> thanks,
>>>> matheus
>>> pretty sure samba 4 is not stable yet. i played with it and it didnt
>>> work too well a few months ago. go back to the 3.x branch. thats easy
>>> to
>>> config.
>> I think this way too, the problem is how to do it in the least painful
>> way. if I deinstall all samba stuff, gnome will fail to work ?
>> matheus
> This is what I did:
> go to /usr/ports/x11/gnome2; do "make config"; deselect the MAPI option.

what I will loose in functionality ?

I'd have to rebuild it all, right ?


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