slow ZFS on FreeBSD 8.1

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Dec 29 08:38:43 UTC 2010

On 28/12/2010 23:56, Freek van Hemert wrote:
> I have a question regarding zfs on freebsd.
> (I'm making a home server)
> This afternoon I did a "zpool create data mirror ad4 ad6" Now I'm copying
> things from my ufs2 disk into the 2TB zpool, it is very slow. I'm on freebsd
> 8.1 amd64 on an atom n330 with 2 sata disks, gstat tells me I'm going at
> around 2 mbps at near 100  %busy while the ufs2 drives are near 0. Also,
> ufs2 to ufs2 was much faster (I estimate about 10 times faster). How do I
> tune? The wiki is not helpful for amd64 users stating that the defaults
> should be optimal. I'm using the 8.1-stable version which has just been
> installed this afternoon from a minimal install iso.

Upgrade to one of the 8.2 release candidates or to a recent RELENG_8 /
stable/8 -- there has been serious work done on ZFS since 8.1-RELEASE
including the import of ZFS v15, and it is a lot more performant.

Or wait a few weeks and then upgrade to 8.2-RELEASE.



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