RFC: Upgrade BIND version in RELENG_7 to BIND 9.6.x

Eugene Grosbein egrosbein at rdtc.ru
Sat Dec 18 09:16:32 UTC 2010

On 18.12.2010 11:41, Doug Barton wrote:

> I am particularly interested in feedback from users with significant DNS
> usage that are still using 9.4, especially if you're using the version
> in the base. I would appreciate it if you could install 9.6 from the
> ports and at minimum run /usr/local/sbin/named-checkconf to see if any
> errors are generated. Of course it would be that much more helpful if
> you could also evaluate BIND 9.6 in operation in your environment.
> Your feedback on the issue of upgrading BIND in RELENG_7 is welcome.
> Sooner is better. :)

I run serveral DNS servers based on FreeBSD+bind.
One of them is FreeBSD 7.3-STABLE and bind-9.4.
It's public primary server for two zones (one forward and one reverse)
and public secondary for several others; plus it's recursive caching DNS server
for users, low-loaded.

I've just updated ports tree and installed dns/bind96.
/usr/local/sbin/named-checkconf shows no messages at all.

I've restarted bind using ports version. All seems OK. I'll write back if problems arise.
About upgrading bind version in RELENG_7, I'm for it.

Btw, I run one bind96 server/4.11-STABLE for long time
(and even one bind95/4.11-STABLE) and six 6.11-STABLE servers with stock bind93 ;-)
Never had a problem with them.

Eugene Grosbein

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