ntpd fails on boot

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Wed Dec 15 00:53:50 UTC 2010

On Dec 14, 2010, at 4:47 PM, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
[ ... ]
>> Change the REQUIRE line in /etc/rc.d/ntpd to indicate whatever dependency you need to have so that your network connection is up before ntpd tries to run.  "man rcorder" is informative....
> It's not that simple.

Shrug-- if there is *unmentioned* additional complexity, well, no doubt you're correct.

Another alternative might be to switch to launchd, which is more of a capability-based system which stops and starts services more dynamically, including upon notification that an intermittent network connection is presently active and usable.  ("rc NG" is quite capable on it's own right, but a lot of the flexible behavior of a Mac laptop dealing with suspend/resume, network drops and resumes, etc comes from launchd architecture.)


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