aesni(?) corrupts data on 8.2-BETA1

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Sat Dec 11 01:06:41 UTC 2010

I just upgraded my main laptop from 8.1-RELEASE (GENERIC, amd64) to 
8.2-BETA1 and added aesni_load="YES" to my /boot/loader.conf.

(If my interpretation is correct:) With aesni loaded, I see many files 
corrupted on my geli encrypted volume. Without aesni loaded, they are ok.

I have got a journaling UFS2 on gjournal on geli on a FreeBSD partition 
on a MBR slice on a disk with ahci loaded.

Story: First I noticed some weirdness of Thunderbird not showing the 
"upgraded" message properly and reloading IMAP messages that have 
already been read, but did not think of anything. Only during my usual 
rsyncing of the encrypted volume, I saw that some files could not be 
read (invalid file descriptor?). I rebooted without aesni and got a 
different error message.

I created checksums of all files on that encrypted volume with and 
without aesni loaded (rebooting in between): 150 Differences (one files 
could not be read in both cases).

Just to make sure, I tried to rsync with "--checksum" and "--dry-run" to 
the other machine that is supposed to have the same files: With aesni, 
many files were scheduled to be synced and one could not be read, but 
without aesni, only that one file was scheduled to be synced -- it 
probably got corrupted for good with aesni loaded. It is especially 
weird that I did not attempt to write to the file that got corrupted on 
disk with aesni loaded.

Is there anything I am doing wrong or is it really aesni or the 
processor failing?

The processor is a Core i7-M620 (with AESNI of course).

Before I investigate any further, I have to make a real backup... 
rsyncing does not prevent silent corruption. I am lucky that it was not 
so silent after all.

Jan Henrik

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