Broadcom Wireless BCM4312 Rev.02 (BCM4310 UART) troubles

Michael BlackHeart amdmiek at
Tue Aug 31 18:08:50 UTC 2010

>   Why don't you try to play with wlan(4) on top of bwi/bwn?
> An example is here: handbook / How to Find Access Points.

wlan appeared in 7.2 or 7.3 and 8.0 as I remember and I always thought that
it's just a matter of security and easy maintaining and probably multi-wlan
routing. In a real daily usage I use it as well, for example it works great
on my server, but I guess it doesn't matter for a testing hardware, does it?

> Yes, even with ndis (which is what I use for this adapter, albeit on
> you have to use wlan.  (ndis on i386 will not have the 'fpudna' issues
> 32-bit Windows drivers do not use SSE instructions.)  Even with ndis I
have to
> run ndis_events for WPA auth to work FWIW.

I've tried i386 as well with ndis and it doesn't make a sense. Could you
please tell me the driver version you use, it's SP number if it's official
HP driver, or link to download the one you have to work with. And a link how
to use ndis_events will be great, I've never try this one.


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