cname replace in mail address? [off-topic] (Re: Attn Ronald Klop)

Pete French petefrench at
Fri Aug 27 09:46:17 UTC 2010

> Mandatory? I'm googling, but can't find a document that declares it  
> mandatory and only sendmail seems to do it.
> I think it is lame to use DNS info to rewrite e-mail addresses, but the  
> person who made it 'mandatory' will have good reasons for it.

Rewiting may not be mandatory, but it is certainly true that a domain
needs to have either an A record or an MX record to recieve email
according to the spec. Your has neither, and given the presence of
a CNAME then rewriting the address to use that CNAME doesnt seem like
an unreasonable thing to do.

You should add an MX record to that domain - but mixing MX and CNAME
is a fairly bad idea too (and that should be easily found in google).


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