My kernel panics sucked, but they seem to be gone now.

Bob Bishop rb at
Fri Aug 13 10:27:10 UTC 2010


On 13 Aug 2010, at 04:33, William D. Colburn (Schlake) wrote:

> A rehash of the problem:
> If my computer was plugged into the UPS and sitting on my metal desk
> the drive controllers would fail and cause a panic almost immediately
> when booted.  If my computer was plugged into wall power and sitting
> on a wooden table, the machine ran flawlessly.
> New information:
> Removing the UPS, but leaving the computer on the metal desk make the
> panics happen a lot less, about every four to seven days.  Sometimes
> after a crash it couldn't boot because no hard drives could be found
> at all, but that always went away with a few power cycles.

Is your metal desk earthed?

> One of my SATA cards has been with me since 2005.  It was a rock solid
> card on my old FreBSD long as I didn't plug anything into
> SATA port 2.  I always had this feeling that something wasn't quite
> right with port 2 and that I should avoid it.  But I'm running FreeBSD
> 8 now, and having strange problems.  So I removed the card completely
> and my system hasn't crashed since.  Which still doesn't prove it was
> the card.  Removing the card could just have made it even more
> intermittent.
> In summary: I hate hardware almost as much as I hate linux.


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