[ HEADS UP ] Ports unstable for the next 10 days

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 19:28:20 UTC 2010


Does this fix the following issue?

I have installed FreeBSD 8.0 and updated it to current p2

 I try to use konqueror and I get

 There was an error loading the module About-Page for Konqueror.
 The diagnostics is:
 Cannot load library /usr/local/kde4/lib/kde4/konq_aboutpage.so:
 (Shared object "libjpeg.so.10" not found, required by "libkhtml.so.7")

Other programs like kile and k3b don't work because of the same
message or others.  I did not know about this, otherwise I would not
have tried to install these programs in the first place, till the
coast was clear :(

Thanks though, I saw the message a little bit late :(



On 4/5/10, Ion-Mihai Tetcu <itetcu at freebsd.org> wrote:
> Just a status update:
> PNG and cURL are in, and png fall-outs are believed to be fixed.
> Xorg update has gone through an -exp run on Pointy and our xorg team is
> working on fixing the approx. 60 ports with problems.
> I will begin -exp runs for Gnome and KDE updates tonight or tomorrow
> morning.
> Packages status:
> - i386:
>   - 6 after png and curl
>   - 7 after png and curl
>   - an 8 incremental build is in progress and should be shortly finished
>   - 9 pacakges are from middle March
> - amd64:
>   - 6 packages are post png and curl
>   - 7 build is in progress and will be finished tomorrow
>   - 8 last build was done in the middle of the png update/fixes; we
>     won't run an other before Xorg, KDE and Gnome go in (for lack of
>     resources).
>   - 9 build in progress (with sources that are believed to fix the zlib
>     problem).
> In other words, if you wish to update without waiting for Xorg, Gnome
> and KDE now it's a good moment.
> HTH,
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