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On 02.04.2010 12:28, sthaug at wrote:
>> [1]: FreeBSD really needs to move away from the "base system" as a
>> concept, as I've ranted about in the past.
> Strongly disagree.
>> Or if it cannot, the "base
>> system" needs to start using pkg_* (somehow) for use, and src.conf
>> WITHOUT_xxx (where xxx = some software) removed.  Concept being: "I
>> don't need Kerberos; pkg_delete base-krb5.  I also don't need lib32;
>> pkg_delete base-lib32".  Beautiful concept, hard to implement due to
>> libraries being yanked out from underneathe binaries that are linked to
>> them.  But you get the idea.
> This *might* be workable. However, in general - a large part of the
> reason why I use FreeBSD is that the FreeBSD base system gives me
> most of what I want, in *one* well defined chunk, *without* having
> to install a zillion extra packages, and without umpteen different
> versions of config files and locations for the important information.
> So please don't destroy this.

With the risk of sounding like a me-too-ist: "me too!"

I can see the point some have in wanting to run a version from ports
over running the base system one. This is doable in the current setup.
However the bundled versions of bind (and the other base system
packages) are rock stable and there for a reason.

Following the "I want this slimmed down and moved to the ports/packages
section", further, you could argue that ls, dd, and basically most of
/usr/bin could go the same way. Giving FreeBSD the same "distribution
nightmare" that some of the ... other unix-like os'es have. Is this
really where the users of the OS want it to go? We'll end up spending
more time updating tidbits of the system now moved to packages, than
actually using it. But why stop there? We could do the same to the
src/sys/dev subdirectories as well...

Let's not do that, please?


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