Installing Cacti from Ports

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Wed Oct 7 17:41:56 UTC 2009

I hada VM running an older installation of FreeBSD 7.2.  I recently got back to it and tried to install Cacti from the ports collection.  I cvsup'd in an up-to-date ports collection, and did the usual "make, make install" for Cacti.  During the "make install" process a dependency failed to build.  I believe it was xcb-utils that failed to build because XCB was at version 1.2 and needed to be at 1.4.  I couldn't get the issue resolved no matter what I tried.  I ended up giving up.....later on I went through the "freebsd-update" process and upgraded to a newer version of 7.2.  After that Cacti and all dependencies built and installed successfully.  Was XCB upgraded when I did the freebsd-update process?  Or what?  I'm just trying to find out what happened.....  Thanks! 

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