Andriy Gapon avg at icyb.net.ua
Thu Nov 19 13:27:27 UTC 2009

on 19/11/2009 10:22 Alexander Motin said the following:
> Eugene Grosbein wrote:
>> Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>>> I didn't have this problem.  System has AHCI in use, and the kernel is
>>> built to make use of modular atacore.  Specifically:
>>> # Modular ATA
>>> device          atacore         # Core ATA functionality
>>> device          ataisa          # ISA bus support
>>> device          atapci          # PCI bus support; only generic chipset support
>>> device          ataahci         # AHCI SATA
>>> device          ataintel        # Intel
>> How should STABLE user (not tracking freebsd-current@) learn about CAM ATA configuration?
>> There is ahci(4) manual page in 8.0-PRERELEASE but no ada(4) that is linked here.
> Read ahci(4) carefully. It has all possible references. If you think it
> is not enough, propose patches.
>> It seems I miss ada(4) device and I cannot find it in 8.0 - not ada.ko nor "device ada".
> ada, same as da goes as part of cam module. It is not possible to load
> them separately now. But for kernel configuration it is separate option.

I think that part of what Euegene is said and what is confusing is that ahci.4
manual page has a cross-reference to ada.4, but the latter doesn't exist.  Neither
as a distinct manual page nor as a link.

Andriy Gapon

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