Problems moving hostapd AP config from 6.4 to 8.0RC2

Geoff Roberts geoff at
Wed Nov 11 05:48:20 UTC 2009

Hi Sam,

On Mon, 9 Nov 2009 03:48:41 am Sam Leffler wrote:
> snip <
> So your station associated and hostapd saw it but nothing in your logs
> shows what hostapd did or did not do to complete the radius handshake.
> All we see is that hostapd dropped the station--presumably because it
> timed out trying to authenticated against the backend.
> Not sure what debug level you need for hostapd; I usually use the cmd
> line options.

Thanks for responding - it was a great help.

Your comment give me a clue as to where to begin looking.

It appears some components required by hostapd weren't being built.

I am building on an amd64 system.

I had a look at the make file in /usr/src/usr.sbin/wpa/hostapd/Makefile and 
found that adding the following to /etc/src.conf fixed my problem:



I haven't had a chance to narrow down exactly which one made the difference, 
but I'm guessing it is the -DEAP_SERVER flag.

The only tunable I could find in /usr/src/tools/build/options was 
WPA_SUPPLICANT_EAPOL, but this should only affect wpa_supplicant.

Does anyone know if there is a tunable I am missing in my src.conf file, or 
should I be setting the HOSTAPD_CFLAGS directly as above.

Kind regards,


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