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Robert Noland rnoland at
Wed May 20 13:44:55 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 16:10 -0700, Chris H wrote:
> > So, zapping is off by default now in 1.6.x.  If you want it, add
> Option
> > "DontZap" "off".  The cross hatch is also gone, that is what the
> -retro
> > option is supposed to do.  The session leader in a failsafe twm
> session
> > is the left hand xterm.  Typing exit in that window should exit the
> > session.
> DOH! Sorry. My bad. I have since determined that turning off hald &&
> dbus
> improve performance. I built the X server with the hald option picked.
> But, when I bounced the box, and started an X session (with a WM),
> performance was improved. BUT. Performance pretty much sucks. I have 4
> of these boards running with the onbord (mach64) video, and the mere
> 2Mb
> built in RAM. They run with better performance than does this one with
> (200Mhz less CPU) comparable RAM && this one has 64Mb onboard && a
> faster
> Gpu. But they also run 6.4-STABLE && xorg-6.9.
> So, I'm going to experiment by rebuilding the X server w/o the HAL
> driver - make option && untick HAL. Then portupgrade -fi xorg-server.
> I'll report back should there be any improvement.

So, the use of hal or not shouldn't produce any performance difference.
It is only used to detect input devices kbd/mouse.

One thing that I have discovered and I'm hoping for someone to send me a
patch, is that if you build xorg-server without hal support it doesn't
get linked to pthread libraries.  This causes issues with libdrm on
Intel at least.  Not sure what else may be impacted.

There is also my nouveau patch that you could try.  That should get you
EXA and Xv acceleration with the nouveau driver.  Overall the reports
that I've been getting have been good.


> Thank you very much Robert, for all your time and efforts.
Robert Noland <rnoland at>
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