mountd doean`t start when ZFS is enabled.

Zaphod Beeblebrox zbeeble at
Tue May 19 18:33:52 UTC 2009

2009/5/18 Михаил Кипа <msnkipa at>

> I have two servers with Identical FreeBSD7.2 system. On both I have such
> config in /etc/rc.conf:
> rpcbind_enable="YES"
> rpc_lockd_enable="YES"
> rpc_statd_enable="YES"
> nfs_client_enable="YES"
> nfs_server_enable="YES"
> nfs_server_flags="-u -t -n 5 -h 192.168.x.y"
> mountd_flags="-r"

You might also want to post the result of zfs get all | grep sharenfs

Mountd can be refusing to start if there are syntax errors in those

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