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Sun May 17 22:27:33 UTC 2009


On Sun, 17 May 2009, Kip Macy wrote:

KM> > KM> I will if you can reproduce on this branch. A lot has changed between
KM> > KM> ZFS v7 and ZFS v13.
KM> >
KM> > So, if I understand you correctrly, you wish me to upgrade to the latest
KM> > sources including RELENG_7 ZFS patches, but do *NOT* upgrade the pool to V13?
KM> >
KM> > Hopefully, provided ZFS snapshots work right (they did on my previous tests,
KM> > and for now I moved the offending directory out of usage, and disabled cron due
KM> > to daily security find) I can try this tomorrow.
KM> >
KM> I don't know how well V7 will work with the latest sources. Too much
KM> has changed for me to support V7. I may create a branch with the MFC
KM> against 7.2 if you need to be on a release.

This would save a bit (or a bunch, who knows? ;-) of time to integrate a patch. 
BTW, the server in question is very next to 7.2-R. Kernel with KDB, serial 
console are in place.

All data are actually backed up around, but the server is in operational state 
(tthough not vital to other company needs), so I would just hope not to 
regenerate all from scratch if at all possible.

Thank you again!

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