[7.2] R/W mount of / denied. Filesystem not clean - run fsck.

Marat N.Afanasyev amarat at ksu.ru
Wed May 6 10:22:34 UTC 2009

Helmut Schneider wrote:
> Marat N.Afanasyev <amarat at ksu.ru> wrote:
>> Helmut Schneider wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> after upgrading a few systems yesterday from 7.1-RELEASE to 
>>> 7.2-RELEASE on one machine I got the error above. The problem was that
>>> - I was unable to cope with it but booting from a live CD.
>>> - the message appeared ~ 1000 times and then the kernel paniced.
>>> After fsck'ing / with the help of the live CD I rebooted the machine 
>>> but now I got the same problem with /home.
>>> How can I avoid such issues (except of not letting the machine 
>>> crash)? Is there a way to boot at least to single user mode and then 
>>> run fsck (I was at home, far away from the machine, not funny)?
>>> Thanks, Helmut
>> if there's a problem with home you can change
>> PermitRoorLogin yes
>> in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, restart sshd, login as root, unmount home and
> There is no 'login' when / cannot be mounted...
>> fsck it. if you have another machine in there, you can try to make a 
>> serial console. or install a ip-kvm extender ;)
> I do have such thing (IBM Blade Center) but I'm looking for something to 
> avoid the situation above. Something that lets me at least boot into 
> single user mode.

if you have an ip-kvm you can drop into single-user and fsck any disk 
you have. all you need to do is to choose 'single user' from 
beastie-menu. or start kernel with -s parameter

SY, Marat
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