RELENG_7 - has mergemaster changed logic since 7.2-RELEASE?

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue May 5 21:57:52 UTC 2009

Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> Ok, this is strange.
> I just upgraded from 7.2-prerelease (as of 20090401) to 7.2-stable as
> of today, using csup and building world.

I've read this thread and find the whole thing very odd. In particular
regarding your case, the last change to mergemaster was done on March
23rd, so if you updated a system on April 1st then again on May 4th
you should have been using the same version of mergemaster.

> As part of that process I did (as I always do) 'mergemaster -iU' after
> the 'make installworld' step.

> /etc/passwd (mergemaster sked about it, I pressed 'd', but it was still
> upgraded, ugh!)
> /etc/group (mergemaster sked about it, I pressed 'd', but it was still
> upgraded, ugh!)

That shouldn't even be possible. You have to affirmatively choose 'i'
(for install) for it to be installed at all, the default is to leave
it in the temproot directory. Additionally, the code to handle
deleting is some of the oldest code in the script, and hasn't changed
in over 8 years.

I saw your followup message, can you please do me a favor and modify
your /etc/motd file again, then run the following in a script(1) and
send me the log?   /bin/sh -x mergemaster -iU




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