X.org hanging under 7.2-PRERELEASE

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sat Mar 28 10:20:21 PDT 2009

On Friday 27 March 2009 11:34:17 pm Robert Noland wrote:
> Actually, the commits that I might have expected to cause this, haven't
> been MFC'd yet.  You probably did pick up the r6/7xx code in this
> update.  I also made an error in the GART mapping code, but that should
> only effect pci(e) based radeons.

Actually, my card is a PCI-Express.

> It could also be related to the 6.12.1 ati driver.  AGP mode 4x is
> always suspect as well, you might try reducing that to 2 or 1 and see if
> the problems go away.
> As for checking out an earlier release, with csup you just have to
> specify a date that you want to checkout.  See man csup and reference
> the section titled CHECKOUT MODE.

If PCI-Express is not allowed (do they even make AGP boards anymore?) then 
I'll have to downgrade until the GART gets fixed.

David Johnson

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