Can't compile rtmpdump source

Josep Pujadas i Jubany josep at
Wed Mar 18 10:10:21 PDT 2009


I can't compile rtmpdump source on FreeBSD:

I obtain the following output:

# gmake 
g++ -Wall -c -o bytes.o bytes.cpp 
In file included from bytes.cpp:25: 
bytes.h:37:20: endian.h: No such file or directory 
bytes.h:38:22: byteswap.h: No such file or directory 
bytes.h:45:2: #error "Undefined byte and float word order!" 
bytes.cpp: In function `void WriteNumber(char*, double)': 
bytes.cpp:34: warning: converting to `uint64_t' from `double' 
bytes.cpp: In function `int ReadInt32LE(const char*)': 
bytes.cpp:96: error: `__bswap_32' was not declared in this scope 
bytes.cpp:96: warning: unused variable '__bswap_32' 
bytes.cpp: In function `int EncodeInt32LE(char*, int)': 
bytes.cpp:107: error: `__bswap_32' was not declared in this scope 
bytes.cpp:107: warning: unused variable '__bswap_32' 
gmake: *** [bytes.o] Error 1

The developper told me:

Currently the endian support does not include FreeBSD automatically, but you 
can compile for any system by defining the correct byte order and float word 
order. You also need to make sure the swap macros are compiled as well (they 
are in the Windows setion so far). I will add FreeBSD support in the next 
release, but it shouldn't be to hard to compile v1.4 on your own. 
Btw, uncomment _DEBUG in log.h to compile in release mode (I forgot to do 

I have no idea how to do the changes.

Here is the source code:


Josep Pujadas

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