Adding multiipul virtual domains?

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Wed Jun 24 09:43:27 UTC 2009

On Tue, 23 Jun 2009 15:21 -0000, mg-fbsd3 wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 17:04, eculp<eculp at> wrote:
>> Quoting ALLnetgroup <allnetgroup at>:
>>> The server has 1 domain  name already setup along with:
>>> sendmail
>>> Webmin
>>> Apache Web Server
>>> MySQL
>>> Apache Tomcat
>>> Squid Proxy
>>> SOCKS5
>>> PERL
>>> Mod PERL
>>> PHP
>>> OpenSSH
>>> phpBB
>>> RoundCube WebMail
>>> When I add a new virtual host I would like the host to have it's own
>>> directory, website and the services above.
> There is nothing that I know of that will automatically "add a new
> virtual domain" to a machine in all of these systems.  I have my own
> home brew perl scripts which do such things but they are not usable
> outside my own environment.  Many other people I have talked to have
> done the same thing or just configured each of these individually.
> If you are not technically savvy enough to write your own
> configuration management system or to modify the configuration files
> individually, you might consider instead of having your own machine to
> use a web hosting company which automatically installs and configures
> this stuff for you via a control panel.
> Incidentally this is not the first time I have seen a need for some
> larger "meta" confutation system for unix/linux in general.  It's
> absolutely true that adding a domain to a system is often a multi-step
> process and it need not be.  Like adding a user in the old days when
> you first edited the passwd file, the group file, made the home
> directory and copied over some dot files there, now it's all automated
> in the adduser command.
> A user might have several domains, mail, one or more web sites, etc.
> All of this gets configured into lots of different files.  Then think
> what happens when you get rid of a user.  There really aught to be
> some easier way which is why I ended up writing my own scripts.
> Michael Grant

Might I suggest ....


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