ZFS on top of GELI / Intel Atom 330 system

Ulrich Spörlein uqs at spoerlein.net
Mon Jun 1 05:45:12 UTC 2009

On Sun, 31.05.2009 at 19:28:51 +0300, Dan Naumov wrote:
> Hi
> Since you are suggesting 2 x 8GB USB for a root partition, what is
> your experience with read/write speed and lifetime expectation of
> modern USB sticks under FreeBSD and why 2 of them, GEOM mirror?

Well, my current setup is using an old 2GB CF card, so read/write speeds
suck (14 and 7 MB/s, respectively, IIRC), but then again, there are not
many actual read/writes on / or /usr for my setup anyway.

The 2x 8GB USB sticks I would of course use to gmirror the setup,
although I have been told that this is rather excessive. Modern flash
media should cope with enough write cycles to get you through a decade.
With /var being on GELI+ZFS this point is mood even more, IMHO.

A recent 8GB Sandisk U3 stick of mine manages to read/write ~25MB/s
(working from memory here), so this is pretty much the maximum USB 2.0
is giving you.

Ulrich Spörlein

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