Now doesn't unmount on time

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at
Fri Jul 31 07:14:45 UTC 2009

Hi FreeBSD community 

We are Tomahawk Desktop, trying to make a working desktop OS based on 

We use FreeBSD 7.2 on i386. 

We earlier discussed two crucial issues regarding a desktop OS:

But it seems above discussions ended without any action. 

Now we have another issue, we used amd(8) to automatically mount file 
systems (USB and CD especially), the amd mounts without an issue but doesn't 
unmount on time. Unmount time is variable and takes more than a minute 

I presume there is no other alternative on FreeBSD to mount file systems 
other than amd(8). 

We want to unmount of an inactivity period of 1 second, we have tried 
unmount and utimeout options. 

It may be this issue: 

But that is the status in 2005. What is the situation by now and what is the 
solution by FreeBSD? 

Btw, the Tomahawk Desktop v1.0 we released in 2005 based on Linux, we did 
not encounter such crippling issues. 

Kind regards

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