SCSI device not created upon a CF card plug in

Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu Jul 23 15:24:59 UTC 2009

on 23/07/2009 17:14 Kevin Oberman said the following:
> If Linux detects media insertion instantly or Windows detects media
> insertion instantly (which I can confirm), there is some signal
> available, so looking at the Linux driver should provide a clue as to
> what to look for and that can be added to the FreeBSD umass driver. It
> would be a very desirable addition, but I am not volunteering as I
> currently don't use such devices. (And, no one would like the terrible
> code I would write, anyway.)

Just a note of caution: human "instant" is different from "computer instant".
If OS driver polls, say, every 0.2 seconds, you won't be able to tell the difference.

Andriy Gapon

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