FreeBSD child process die for root

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at
Thu Jul 2 07:34:59 UTC 2009

Roland Smith writes: 

>> I have tested with bash, sh and csh. It seems the child process forked 
>> simply die irrespective of the shell. 
> Ok, so it's probably not a shell problem
>> There  is no change in the dot files for root:
>> [root at tds sagara]# diff /root/.cshrc /usr/src/etc/root/dot.cshrc
>> [root at tds sagara]# diff /root/.login /usr/src/etc/root/dot.login
>> [root at tds sagara]# diff /root/.profile /usr/src/etc/root/dot.profile 
> /root/.login executes the fortune program. Can you su to root and then
> run '/usr/games/fortune -s'? 

/root/.login is completely commented out. 

[root at tds sagara]# /usr/games/fortune -s
After years of research, scientists recently reported that there is,
indeed, arroz in Spanish Harlem. 

Different runs displays different messages. 

>> Here is the log message for "su -l":
>> Jul  2 12:38:17 tds kernel: pid 943 (su), uid 0: exited on signal 11 
> It could be a hardware problem. Signal 11 can be a sign of bad memory.
> Can you reproduce the problem on multiple machines? 

I have taken the hard disk out and fixed on different machines, the symptoms 
are still the same. So it may not be a hardware error. 


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