Puzzling change in performance

Fri Jan 30 02:50:08 PST 2009

On Jan 30, 2009, at 10:12 AM, Borja Marcos wrote:

> Hello,
> The attached graphs are from a server running FreeBSD 7.1-i386 (now)  
> with the typical Apache2+MySQL with forums, Joomla...

I see that the attachments didn't make it.

Disk I/O bandwidth was an average 40 - 60 % before the update and  
reboot. After the update and reboot it's now less than 10 %.

Most of the I/O activity was on the /var filesystem. It houses the  
MySQL database and system logs, mostly.

So, either:

1- there's an important improvement on file caching from 7.0-STABLE- 
August to 7.1-RELEASE?

2- Something was rotten since the last reboot in August

3- Something was malfunctioning in the "amr" array controller? (It's a  
Dell server, and it has two hard disks in mirror)

Apache and MySQL had been restarted some times last week, trying to  
tune some parameters and it made no difference.

Any ideas? It's quite weird. Same kernel configuration, same hardware...


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