Big problems with 7.1 locking up :-(

Pete French petefrench at
Sun Jan 11 04:45:33 PST 2009

> I noticed a similar problem testing 7.1-RC1, It seemed to be a deep
> deadlock, as it was triggered by lighttpd doing kern_sendfile, and
> never returning. The side effects (being unable to create processes,
> etc) is similar.

Interesting - did you get any responses from anyone else regarding
this ?  My last box which locked up was essentialy idle, so I am very
surprised by all of this - also none of the heavilt loaded machines
(i.e. the actual webservers) have locked up.

I am also surprised that this isn't more widely reported, as
the hardware is very common. The only oddity with ym compile
is that I set the CPUTYPE to 'core2' - that shouldnt have an effect, but
I will remove it anyway, just so I am actually building a completely
vanilla amd64. That way I should have what everyone else has, and since
I don't see anyone else saying they have isues then maybe mine will
go away too (fingers crossed)

> My kernconf is below, try building the kernel, and send an email
> containing the backtrace from any process that has blocked (in my

OK, will do. I can try this on the one non-essential box which
locked up yesterday. I don't know how long it will before it
locks up again, but will see if I can do some things to provoke it.


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